Get paid to do something is one of the easiest ways to start earning in your extra time. Many students or part time workers prefer this, as a way to¬†earn some extra income for themselves and keep the mill running. Services like these may not generate a full time income but with enough dedication, patience and persistence you can generate nice bucks overtime. So let’s get started.

Get Paid To Advertise On Your Car

If your daily routine involves driving through busy traffic everyday then you can easily convert this usual task in some extra cash. There are companies put there who are ready to advertise on your car by pasting stickers and pay you for that.

The process is actually very easy.

  • You sign up for their the program
  • However applying to advertising programs does not guarantee that you will be selected. Your selection can happen in just a few days or even months. Your selection depends on whether the company has advertisers that matches with their requirements.
  • Some companies require that you must be at least 18 years of age and own a car that is in good condition. However during the contract if your car gets damaged then it’s your duty to contact the company immediately if the stickers have been damaged.
  • Many companies also require that you are a safe driver and have all the necessary papers like vehicle TAX, insurance papers, and police records of dangerous driving or drink driving.
  • The company will contact you about the ad formats, the length of promotion and how much you’ll get paid. Some companies give you a choice to decline the ads and stickers that have been chosen to go on your car.
  • The ad formats may include the full body, doors only, everything else except doors etc.
  • Once the stickers have been installed all you have to do is drive your car as usual and the stickers will do the rest.
  • Once the contract is over the company professional will remove the car sticker without damaging your car paint. At this point you’ll have a choice to continue with the contract as well if you are happy with their payment and overall customer support.
  • Some companies install a small GPS in your car to measure how often you drive the car and how many kilometers you have covered after joining the program.
  • Depending upon the size of the ad, ad formats you will be paid anything in between $50 to $500 per month by check or wire transfer. You will get paid after inspection every month. Some companies will require you to drive your car for certain miles/kilometers before they pay you.

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Get Paid To Answer Questions

If you are an expert on any subject then the best way to make use of your knowledge is to start any “get paid to answer questions” and start earning some extra cash. Most of these services have some common features.

  • Participation may include
    asking questions
    answering questions
    getting your answer marked as best
    getting your answer marked as unhelpful
    writing a product review
    submitting manuals/tutorials
  • Some services don’t pay you in cash but when you participate you’ll earn “points” that can be redeemed for “gift cards” of some popular merchants such as, walmart. For more information visit this website
  • Other answering model include displaying advertisements along side of your answer and sharing the revenue with you. If you click on the ads then there is a chance that your account will get terminated.
  • Get paid to share your knowledge on any subject.
  • Get paid to write reviews – you can get paid by writing reviews of books, movies, websites, academic books in not more than 900 words

Get Paid To Answer Phone

One more interesting model to make money by answering questions is by answering them over phone. By signing up for this service you will get phone calls of persons asking you question on your phone and all you have to do is answer them and solve their problem. Every answer you give will pay you. You can set times of the day when you are free to receive calls. The company will charge the asker’s credit card keep 15% to them and send you the money. You can decide how much you want to get paid to answer questions over phone.

For example your fee is $50 per answer then the company will charge the asker that much amount keep 15% to them and send you the remaining fee. Visit this website to learn more

Get Paid To Become A Psychic Advisor

You can get paid to give psychic advice to solve problems people are having about relationships, love, self improvement, healing etc.

You can earn anywhere from $1.99per minute to $10 per minute


Get Paid To Become A Psychic Advisor

You can get paid to give psychic advice to solve problems people are having about relationships, love, self improvement, healing etc.

You can earn anywhere from $1.99per minute to $10 per minute

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Get Paid To Be a Mystery Shopper

Yes, you can get paid to shop.

However here are some points to consider before you decide to any of the networks

  • Once you join and submit your details you will be get hired to shop at any stores, restaurants, banks, hotels, salons, home builders, apartment complexes, gas stations, casinos, auto dealers, auto service centers, movie theaters, health clubs, pet stores, amusement parks, optical providers and more etc.
  • If you get selected as a mystery shopper you’ll receive clear instructions about where to shop and what to buy.
  • For example you’ll be asked to visit a certain restaurant and buy sandwiches between 10th feb 2013 to 15th feb 2013 between 4pm to 5pm only. You must follow these instructions to maximize your earning potential. Also it’s necessary that maintain your secrecy that you are a mystery shopper and will be reporting your experiences for marketing and research purposes.
  • You will shop at these places as a normal customer and report back to mystery shopping service about your experience.
  • You must spend money to earn money. Yes, you’ll get paid once you submit your report to the company in detail. If you buy merchandise during your shopping then you can keep it as your own. The payments are anything in between $5 to $50 for a 1-10 pages report depending upon the job.
  • Joining a get paid to become a mastery shopper” program does not guarantee that you will get selected to shop on the next day. SO please don’t consider this as a full time income job. Once your profile matches with the one looking out for a job, you’ll get the job.

To learn more about how this works visit these websites


Get Paid To Click Ads

  • How these programs work is very easy. As the title suggests you will get paid to click an ad and visit website. However the catch is you must stay on the visited website for 30 seconds.
  • Most services for getting paid to click ads pay $0.01 to $5 per click. Most of the times you’ll receive the ads in your private email address. However most of these also have a referral program where you get paid also for click fro people who joined under you.
  • Some networks also pay for sharing the advertiser’s websites on social networks like facebook, twitter, etc.
    That’s why if you really want make money with this method than the best way is to recruit as many people under your account as possible and simply collect money by their effort’s.
  • One of the most popular get paid to click programs online is Neobux. These are well known for their timely payments and transparency in reporting and customer care.

Click here to visit Neobux


Get Paid To Go To Gym

Yes you can actually get paid for going to gym everyday. This has nothing to do with getting as an employee for becoming a trainer at the gym. This is a unique concept and here is how it works.

  • To get started first you need a smart phone like an iPhone or an Android phone.
  • Then you download and install an application called the “GymPact” on your smartphone.
  • When you visit your gym, just sync your application with the gym easily. The application already has more than 40,000 gyms listed from 75 countries worldwide.
  • Then you must commit in the gym pact application how many time pr week you’ll visit the your gym.
  • The application will sync when you visit your gym and keep record. Every time you workout at your gym you’ll get paid $0.50 to $0.75 per workout.
  • The best part and the unique twist about this is you’ll get paid from those who did not visit the gym that day. So to save your money you must visit your gym and stay fit too.
  • Your money will be sent to your Paypal account once it reaches a balance of $10.

To learn more about this visit

Get Paid To Install Software or applications on PC or mobile phones

Yes, many software companies will pay to install their software on your computer or an application on your mobile phone.

  • Typically you’ll get paid anywhere from $0.50 to $5 per installing a software.
  • How it works is you send traffic to the developer’s website with a unique affiliate link which they provide you once you signup with their affiliate program.
  • Then place a banner ad or a text link and refer people coming to your website to download and install their software on their computer or mobile phone.
  • For every successful download and installation of software you’ll get paid into your account.
  • Most companies will pay you after a certain threshold amount is reached by Paypal or by check.


Get Paid To Lose Weight

A company called “HealthyWage” will pay you to lose weight.

They have three types of challenges that will pay you to lose weight. Here are how they work in brief
1) Matchup – In this program a teal of 5 people will compete with other two teams to lose weight and the winning team will earn $10000 as the price. This is 3 months weight loss challenge.
2) 10% challenge – This is the second challenge where you can start by paying $150 and if you lose your weight by 10% in six months the company will pay you $300 back.

3) BMI challenge – This is the thrid type of challenge where you have bring down your BMI (Body Mass Index) to less than 25 in 12 months. If you can do that their company will pay you $100. The BMI challenge also gives you an opportunity to earn more money by investing some money at the beginning. If you pay $150 you’ll get back $400 and if you pay $300 you’ll get back $1000.

You can get your weight verified at your health club or at a health club partner of “healthy wage”.

Click here to visit HealthyWage

Get Paid to Run

Get paid to run is a program run by “Born to run” running group. Participating in this program is very easy.

  • Participation in this is possible only for residents of U.s. What you have to do is go to show up at the time specified at the “born to run store locations” across United States. Running groups meet every Saturday and Wednesday.
  • You will get paid 50 cents for every mile you run. But 5o cents in a “BorntoRun currency, which you must redeem to purchase at “born to run” stores.


Get Paid To Upload and Share Files

You can upload your various types of files such as documents, videos, images etc on and get paid when someone download using their share link.

  • This websites is very easy to use. All you have to do is create a free account and start uploading your files that you want to share with others.
  • For every file you upload you’ll receive a unique URL that you can send people to download.
  • For every unique download with a unique IP address you’ll get paid $0.02. However download pages urges the visitor to complete a small survey. If the user fill in the survey and then download your file you’ll get paid $1 to $10 depending upon the country of the visitor and how much information the user fills in.
  • In order to get paid it’s important that you use your own files and not copyrighted materials. A total of 26 different file types are supported.

Click here to visit FileBucks


Get Paid To Watch TV

Getting paid to watch TV seems impossible but there is an iPhone and android application called as “Viggle” can be used to earn reward points for watching Live TV on your smartphones.

You can redeem points into gift cards of popular shopping outlets. Viggle gives you reward points per minute of watching TV on your smartphone. The more you watch the more points you’ll collect that you can transform into gift cards.

Some rewards include gift cards for Starbucks card, Foot Locker, Papa John’s, People magazine, Amazon Kindle Fire, Viggle T shirts, etc.

To learn more about this program visit

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