If you are buying website traffic using a ppc or ppv ad service or search engine then tracking your ad performance plays a major role in maximizing your ROI (return on investment).

Carefully examining which keywords and keyphrases are getting the most clicks is not enough in an ad campaign. Most ad serving platforms will let you track some basic stuff like which keywords are getting clicks and the percentage CTR (Click through ratio), but once the visitor lands on your website what action he takes is based on a variety of factors that the ad platform will never help you with.

This is where ad tracking services come into picture. Most of these services will allow you to do several things for free or for a fee.

  • Create several campaigns and track them simultaneously.
  • Import keyword lists using text files or CSV files
  • Track keywords and analyze based on number of clicks, impressions, CTR’s
  • Add dynamic ID’s at the end of your supported URL and track real time conversions into sales.
  • Find out exactly which keyphrases are getting converted into sales so that you can stop running ads for those which are just sending traffic for the money you are spending on clicks.
  • Split test landing pages for higher rate of conversions.

By carefully generating reports you can alter your campaigns and save a lot of money. Any business needs constant observation of how much money you are spending on what and how much you are getting back your bank account and ad tracking is the best way to do that in a smart way. Let’s get started with a list of ad tracking services that have been proven to be the best in the market today.

Prosepr 202

This is a self hosted tracking service that you must download and install on your server. You’ll need a domain name and hosting account with a reputed hosting company to get started. Installing prosper is completely free and they have great tutorials to get started.

To install and run prosper 202 your server must have PHP version 5.3 or higher and MySQL version 5.5 or higher. This script will NOT run on windows server. Based on experience of many marketers many hosting companies will not allow you to install Prosper on a shared hosting plan because of the server resources it will consume. It’s recommended that you go for a VPS to successfully run prosper 202.



To use Mobit which is free, you must first apply to the Matomy affiliate network. This web based tool has been designed for users that are into mobile media buying. Like most ad tracking services Mobit can be used to track conversion id’s from a variety of traffic sources. Mobit service is free for up to 1 million clicks/month.


Click Magick

with this service you can do several things in one place like track clicks, rotate several ads, manage affiliate links, geo targeting and mobile filtering, split testing ads, compatible with Google analytics etc.

Click magick is free to try for 14 days and after that trial period they have 3 different payment plans as per your requirements.

Starter Plan – $12 / month up to 10,000 clicks/month
Standard Plan – $33 / month up tp 100,000 clics/month
Pro Plan – $66 / month up to 500,000 clicks/month



CPVlab is another very popular ad tracking service amongst marketers who are serious about paid traffic. Just like Prosper 202 CPV lab will require a Linux server hosting with VPS account. Your hosting package must also include PHP version 5.3 or higher and MySQL version 501 or higher, IonCube Loaders 4.4 or above installed.

In spite of being a self hosted web application CPVlab is not free. It will cost you $297 to download the application files and $147 per year if you want to keep the latest updates with additional features.



This services is capable of tracking and analyzing traffic using several parameters like clicks, conversions, from which device the traffic is coming, OS, model name (in case of mobile phones), even specific zip codes, countries, ISP’s etc.

This is a self hosted tracking application which you must install on your server after you download the package. You’ll require a VPS account with PHP 5.3 or higher configured. The server also must have MySQL and ionCube Loader installed.

The pricing is as follows

+ProInstall = $99 one time fee
Per month = $179 with monthly updates.



Many marketers see this tool as a direct alternative to Prosper 202 which is free and extremely easy to use. This is more popular amongst marketers who are into CPA marketing for tracking a variety of metrics like landing page EPC, CTR, time spent on landing page, geographical data and much more.

Bevomedia also offers a self hosted version that you can install on your own server. It’s free to use.



This ad tracking service allows multiple users with assigned permission to use an account created with them for tracking purposes. You’ll also get some nice features such as ready to use landing pages, SMS and email alerts that you can set up on your own, custom URL redirects and much more. One cool thing about this service is that there is no limitation on the amount of traffic you can track.

Right now you can sigh free as they are in Beta Testing.


My Click Boss

With this service you can track traffic, rotate unlimited ads, analyze GEO targeting, track IP addresses and much more using a self hosted script that you must install on your server.

One cool thing about this tracker is that you can track the click on a specified URL based on a specified time frame only. To install this on your server you must have a LINUX/UNIX server with PHP 5.0 or higher and MySQL enabled.

The pricing is $87 onetime fee for single user license. If you want to get it installed then you can contact the administrator of this and get it installed for a fee.



This is a simple web based software for tracking clicks from affiliate URLS and analyzing the data for 100,000 clicks per month without any fee. With just one account you can track website traffic coming from web as well as mobile devices.

The pricing for this service is very flexible. Depending upon your traffic volumes you can start with just the basic free account all the way up to $999 / month for 30,000,000 clicks and more. For analyzing traffic more than this volume they have a custom pricing option available.



Clickmeter is a one stop place for carefully tracking traffic coming from a variety of sources such as youtube, banner ads, PPC ads, solo ads, blog posts mobile ads, press releases and social media.

This service looks like the perfect solution is you are starting out for the first time in click and ad tracking. it’s extremely easy to use and they have an option of a free account for starters.

The pricing is very flexible and depending upon your budget you can start with a free account that will analyze 1000 clicks/month all the way up to $349/month for 2,000,000 clicks/month. For additional clicks the pricing will obviously increase. With free account you can track a data of 1 month.



With this service you can track website traffic coming to your website from several platforms such as email newsletters, banner ads, video ads, pay per click ads and more. You can set up custom alerts.

The pricing is flexible based on how much amount of traffic you wish to analyze. They do have a 30 days free trial period to test out how the whole system work and after that you can continue with a $9/ month ($90/year) fee for unlimited amount of traffic or $49/month ($490/year) for more serious businesses.



This is a self hosted script that you can install on your server. There are two version of this script for download the free version and the enterprise version. The enterprise version costs $97 one time and if you want to get it installed professionally from them, then an additional $50 fee will be applied.

The free version will track unlimited clicks to your URL’s but you’ll see small banner ads at the bottom of your control panel. The paid version will be free of any ads at the bottom. Unlike most other self hosted tracking scripts this uses Perl 5.0 or higher and works in both UNIX and Windows servers.

In the free version you will not be able to split test ads for checking which performs better, so this can be a major setback.



If you are looking for a free ad tracker that is extremely easy to use, then this service is good to start with. Once you login to this service you’ll be taken to a dedicated control panel where you’ll be able to setup campaigns and analyze them using a variety of parameters.

This is a web based service and there is nothing to download and install. You can track clicks on URL’s, number of downloads for your ebooks/software/reports on the web, clicks in newsletters, solo ads, press releases, PPC ads, detect IP addresses that clicked, which click converted into sales.

You can even pass custom variables (similar to clickbank’s TID) in PPC ads, solo ads, newsletters for easy tracking which targeted traffic is getting converted into sales. You can even split test traffic to different landing pages to see which converts better. SO all in all if you are a newcomer into ad tracking then this service is good to start with.

However with the free account you’ll be able to tracks 100 clicks per URL and for tracking more clicks you have an option to upgrade to paid account that costs

$4.95 per month for up to 20,000 clicks
$9.95 per month for unlimited clicks.

In my opinion this is the cheapest service I’ve seen amongst all the ad tracking services with the same features.



This is a one stop solution for tacking website traffic coming to your site from various places on the web. One good thing about this service is that you can very easily determine the top campaigns, top traffic sources and determine where to spend your money for maximum ROI.

One more cool feature that can save a lot of time while setting up campaigns is that it has pre-defined affiliate programs that you can track. You can track leads, newsletter signups, sales and even recurring sales, landing page conversions using split testing, URL rotations and much more from one place. This service is free to join and use till beta testing period.



This is a web based service that allows you to track website traffic from all over the web from different sources. You’ll be able to track downloads, clicks, sales, email options, paid ad clicks, landing page visitors. In case of paid ads you’ll be able to quickly analyze Cost per click, cost per click and your return on investment by creating very detailed reports integrated into the system.

AdMinder is free to use for 14 days and after that $19.95 per month



This is a paid web based service for serious marketers with huge traffic handling needs. The build in control panel allows you to track and analyze several different things at once including affiliate link cloaking, sales and conversions of traffic into customers, split testing of URL’s, external pixel tracking with custom HTML code, link cloaking for a WordPress blog, tracking activity on social media and much more.

This service is not free and is recommended if your online business is already getting good amount of traffic and want to dig deeper into the analytics part of running it smoothly and increasing ROI.

This service starts with

Basic Plan – $9/month for 100 Tracking links, 10,000 clicks/month

up to

Extreme Plan – $69/month for 5,000 Tracking links, 500,000 clicks/month



Hypertracker is a web based ad tracking service form Simon Grabowski (CEO of GetResponse.com). With this service you can track website traffic coming from search engines, banner ads, PPC ads, pop ups, email newsletters, solo ads, videos, press releases, article directories, discussion forums and even offline marketing.

One good this about this service is that it uses color coding to determine which ad campaigns are doing well and which are not profitable. A GREEN color is used for profitable campaigns and RED is where ad is making losses.

Hypertracker is not free and the pricing is as follows

BRONZE – $19.95/month renewed each month
SILVER – $17.95/month for half year prepaid
GOLD – $14.95/month for one year prepaid


Ad Trackz Gold

Ad Trackz Gold is slightly different than all above mentioned ad tracking services/scripts. This comes in 3 different flavors and depending upon your requirement or budget you can start with the appropriate package.

* The first type is the web based service that is hosted on the companies’ servers and requires a login and password. There is nothing to download and install. The web based service costs $27/month for unlimited clicks.

* The second type is a self hosted script that you must download and install on your server. The script costs $77 onetime payment and unlimited domains

* The third types is a WordPress plugin that you can upload to “Plugins” directory on your server and activate it from wordpress dashboard. The WordPress plugin costs $67 onetime payment and unlimited domains.

if you wish to buy both the PHP script and the WordPress plugin then you can get it for Onetime payment of $97 for unlimited domains.
There are several cool features available in this service such as cloaking affiliate links, banner image impressions and clicks, split testing landing pages, tracking keywords and keyphrases and even email open rates for newsletter subscribers.



Adbutler is a full web based ad tracking service is a host of carefully selected features for the serious marketer. With this service you can track keywords, countries, ads with rich media, mobile traffic and much more.

You can get a trail account for 30 days and after that you can upgrade to two paid subscriptions available. Unlike most other paid ad tracking services this service counts impressions instead of clicks.

On-Demand – $9.95/month +$0.25 CPM for less than 25,000 impressions
Reserved – $16/month for between 100,000 and 10 billion impressions.

It’s clear that this service is designed for those who are into large scale media buys.



This is a downloadable script that you must install in your server and track ads and traffic coming to your website. You’ll be able to create campaigns for each ad you post on PPC search engines, banners, forums, press releases, article directories, solo ads, email newsletters, videos and any other places.

You can even track downloads for software, ebooks from your control panel. Easy to create reports are available to find out your ROI and which campaigns are doing well and which ones you must stop immediately.

This is a PHP script that you must install on a UNIX server with PHP 4 or higher and MySQl database enabled. Windows server is not supported.

The script costs $47 onetime payment for 5 domains. A 60 days money back guarantee is also provided if you are not happy with your purchase.


Pro Analyzer

This is a self hosted script that you can download and install on your own server. With this you can shorten URL’s and create a unique trackable link that you can use on the web for advertising and traffic the website traffic coming from several places like videos, solo ads, banner ads, exit pop-ups, press releases, PPC ads, discussion forums and more. This script even allows you to split test landing pages to test conversions so that you spend money wisely on advertising.

This self hosted script requires a UNIX server with Perl 5 or higher. The script also needs the ability to run CGI on your site. They also provide unlimited technical support and even free installation support if yo are not able to install it yourself.

You can download ProAnalyzer for a onetime payment of $69.97 for unlimited domains.


21 Ad Tracking Services For Maximizing ROI With a PPC Ad Campaign

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