The Camtasia screen capture software developed by TechSMith is considered to be the industry standard when it comes to creating amazing quality professional video tutorials, webinars, video presentations. Marketers, professionals, graphic designers, and people working with visual art all rely heavily on this software for presenting their work on the web and even offline with great clarity.

This is a full all in one solution for capturing and editing videos in one place and with one purchase. But camtasia costs $299 for PC. For the normal guy this can be expensive if you are just starting out.

Here is a list of some alternatives that you can try out if this is the first time you are creating video tutorials and screen captures. These may not be as efficient and full features as Camtasia, but they are worth giving a try.

1 – Jing

Jing has been developed by TechSMith themselves and is a good option if you don’t want to invest $299 right now. With Jing you can capture videos, animations and images from your computer screen and share them on the web instantly.

Unlike Camtasia Jing is free to download for Windows and Mac. With Jing you can select any region or window of your computer screen and record your activity. One the recording is done you can upload it to and share the URL of your recording to anyone by email or social media. This is a great feature if you want to save server space and bandwidth which can be expensive with video presentations.

The big difference between the paid Camtasia and free Jing is that with Jing

  • You can only record up to 5 minutes of screen activity
  • You cannot edit your recording
  • You cannot zoom on a certain portion of the screen.
  • You must upload the video to and share the URL of recording.



2 – BB FlashBack Express

BB FlashBack Express is a simple software for recording screen activity. Here are some features of this software.

This software comes in 3 versions with different features in all of them. The 3 versions available are Express, Standard and Professional

The features of the express version are as follows.

  • Record screen activity with a floating tool bar or in the system tray of windows
  • Works in all versions of Windows OS (even Windows 8)
  • Record commentary while screen activity is going on.
  • You can even schedule your recording task with desired start and end time.
  • You can share movies on YouTube,, Viddler or Revver
  • Export your recording to AVI and FLASH formats.

With the standard and professional version you can do much more with your screen recordings.

  • Record your screen capture to WMV, Quick time (H264), MPEG4 (for iPad, iPhone, iPod), EXE, MS Powerpoint.
  • Add annotations
  • Blur areas of screen such as usernames, account names appearing on screen.
  • Record picture-in-picture with webcam.
  • Remove unwanted noise from recordings.
  • Zoom and pan screen while recording (only in professional version)
  • Insert other videos into your recording
  • Export your movie narration as text file.

Only the express version of this software is free. The pricing for the standard and professional version is as follows.

Standard Version

Single User 52 GBP = 79 USD approx.

Professional version

Single User 116 GBP = 175 USD approx.

For multiuser license the pricing is different for both these versions. Click here to read more about pricing


3 – Krut Computer Recorder

The Krut Computer Recorder is a screen capturing software with several built in features. Once you install and launch it you’ll get a floating toolbar to start recording the screen activity. Some of the features of this software are

  • Save files in WAV, MOV, JPG format.
  • Audio and video files are produced separately
  • Java must be enables to run Krut on Windows OS
  • Moveable recording are during recording your screen activity
  • You can record your activity at 2 different frame rates.
  • Works on Windows and Linux



4 – Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

As the title says Apowersoft is a online recorder for capturing screen activity and saving the files as video files. Here are some features of this online tool

  • It’s completely free to use
  • You must have Java enabled on your PC
  • You can capture both system and microphone sound while recording screen activity
  • Record screen activity with a region, full screen and even web camera view.
  • Minor video editing is possible with this online tool. You can add text, captions or freehand drawings
  • Recorded videos are primarily in WMV format and you can convert them to other formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, SWF etc.

If you don’t want to sue the online then you can even download this software and use it offline for capturing screen activity. One great thing about the software is that you can schedule your recording to start at a specific time. This is great to record webinars even if you are not present at the time of webcast. The software even allows you to capture your face from webcam using picture-in-picture feature.


5 – Wondershare Demo Creator

Wondershare has created several multimedia software programs for Windows OS and Mac out of which the demo creator is one of their products for capturing screen activity.

This software has a trial version for free as well as a full paid version which costs $99 for single user personal license.

Some of the features of this software are

  • Hotkeys are provides as keyboard shortcuts for starting and ending recording. This will make the presentations look professional. In some video presentation you must have seen the presenter click on “STOP” button in the end that also gets recorded. To avoid this hotkeys are provided so that you can stop the recording by pressing a button on the keyboard.
  • The screen capture will “autopan” when you move mouse around the screen
  • You can zoom and pan the screen while recording screen activity
  • You can save recorded video in the following formats
    AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, MPEG-2, FLV, 3GP
  • You can export the video as standalone EXE
  • Publish as flash based demo
  • You can add callouts, notes text notes to your recordings wherever required
  • You can record system or microphone sound for narrations/commentary.

One important to thing to note is that the FREE trial version will embed a watermark on all your recordings. To remove the watermark you must buy the paid version.



6 – HyperCam

Hypercam is a completely free software for capture screen activity for a Windows PC. Here are some features of this software

  • Capture screen activity and microphone sound simultaneously
  • Save the recorded video as AVI file
  • You can capture full screen or a region of the screen that you can specify.
  • Set “Hot Keys” for starting and ending screen capture recording usign keyboard shortcuts.
  • If you intend to record another video playing on the screen (for example a Youtube video from the web” then you must change the settings as specified on their website as the default installation WILL NOT record already running video on the screen. Read this FAQ for more information



7 – Debut Video Capture Software

The Debut Video Capture Software is a wonderful tool for capturing screen capture activity with ease. Let’s have a look at some of the feature of this software.

  • Capture screen activity and save video to hard drive in avi, wmv, flv, mpg, mp4, mov and more video formats
  • Not just screen activity you can capture videos from webcam, network IP camera and even a video playing device like a VHS player
  • You can record full screen activity or a region that you can specify.
  • Zoom and pan the screen while recording screen activity.
  • Highlight mouse cursor to grab attention of the viewer and better explain your point.
  • This software gives you the option of recording video and audio separately.
  • Record speaker sound as well as sound from microphone.
  • Create snaps or photos while recording. This will help you to create thumbnails for your videos.
  • You can add text caption between video recordings.
  • Record video at different frame rates.
  • Works on both Windows (7, XP, Vista and 8) and Mac OS X
  • The FREE version is for non-commercial use only
  • The pro edition of this software for commercial use costs $29.99 for a single user license.



8 – SRecorder

Just like CamStudio, SREcorder is very easy to use and completely free for recording screen activity with or without sound. Here are some features of this software.

  • After launching this application you can just drag mouse over the screen to define the region you wish to record and tick mark whether you want to record sound or not.
  • Once the recording is done you can save the video on your hard drive or upload it to your website server. The recorded video is saved in MP4 format on your hard disk.
  • One good thing about this software is that the “Start Recording” button lies outside the recording window or region, so when you click the “Stop Recording” button your action does not get recorded.



9 – Microsoft Expression Encoder

When you download and install this software you’ll see “Expression Encoder 4” software and the codec installed on your PC. Some of the features of this software are.

  • Record system and microphone sound with your recording.
  • Drag mouse to define recording area of the screen
  • Save recorded video in WMV format
  • The free version allows you to record screen activity up to 10 minutes only.


10 – DebugMode Wink

Wink is a freeware for personal as well as business use. However if you want to redistribute the software itself you’ll need permission from the author. Some of the features off this software are.

  • Runs on Windows and Linux
  • Output format includes Flash and standalone EXE, PDF and HTML
  • Record audio from microphone
  • Create callouts with built-in editor
  • Has a built-in compression technique to reduce flash file size.



11 – Fraps

Fraps was designed to record a running gaming activity on your PC. You can use it as a screen capture software as well. Here are features of Fraps.

  • Capture audio and video up to 7680×4800 resolutions.
  • Change frame rate from 1 to 120 as per your requirements.
  • Hotkeys are supported to start and stop recording with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Save recorded movie as AVI file
  • A free trial version is available for download but has limitations on recordings.
  • With free version you can only record gameplay of 30 seconds
  • With free version the recorded video will have a watermark.
  • To rerecord as long as you like and remove the watermark you must buy the full version which costs $37


Other tools similar to Fraps are

XSplit –
Open Broadcaster Software –
D3D Gear –

12 – RecordMyDesktop

This software has been designed to record screen activity on Linux ONLY. Here are some features of this software.

  • Define a region or area on the screen or full screen to record.
  • You can record sound from microphone as well as system sound.
  • Recordings are saved in .ogg format. You can specify the output directory for saving these videos.
  • Software comes built in with HOTKEYS to start and end recording screen activity.
  • It’s free to use.


13 – Free Screen Video Recorder

This is a completely free to use screen video recorder. Here are features of this tool.

  • You can select a region of the screen or full screen to record.
  • You can save the captured video or print individual screen captures frames right from the software interface.
  • Video recordings can be saved as AVI files and screenshot images as BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG image formats
  • Since this software is completely free you may get an option to install third-party software toolbars. You can opt out of these selections while installations and still get a completely free working version of only the screen recorder.
  • This tool works on Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP SP3



14 – ScreenHunter Pro

ScreenHunter screen capturing software comes in 3 different versions Free, Plus and Pro. All these have their own limitations when it comes to functioning and features available. Let’s have a look at some of the features available in the Free version.

  • In the free version you can record with a rectangular are that you can set in the settings.
  • You can record full screen of your desktop if you wish to.
  • Activity of the mouse pointer can be recorded.
  • The free version automatically assigns filename to your recording.
  • Free version supports recording operation using HOTKEYS

Apart from these the Pro and Plus version support many more amazing features making this software a nice affordable option for capturing screen activity and creating professional video tutorials.

The Plus Version costs $19.95 US
The Pro version costs $29.95 US



15 – Screenr

Just like Screencast-o-matic, Screenr is an online screen capturing tool. You must be connected to the Internet to use this tool to record screen activity. Here are some features of this tool

  • Works on both Mac and Windows
  • No need to Download and Install any software
  • Works perfectly even on iPhone
  • With screenr you create a free account and when you click on RECORD button you will be presented a region window that you can adjust as per your requirements and define audio source.
  • One your recording is finished your recording will be assigned a unique URL that you can share on Social media like facebook, twitter, youtube or even embed this on your blog.
  • The Free version allows you to create video recordings of up to 5 minutes length maximum.
  • Screenr also has a paid version called as “Screenr Business” but as of this writing it is closing on July 1st 2015.


16 – Ashampoo Snap

With Ashampoo Snap you can capture in image or video format every activity. Let’s have a look at some features.

  • Allows you to record a defined region or the full screen of your desktop.
  • You can even defined free hand shapes to record screen activity within that region.
  • Timed recording a unique feature built in this software. You can set this tool to capture at a regular interval such as every 15 seconds.
  • Record video at different frame rates.
  • After video is recorded you can edit it by adding text boxes, notes, comments
  • This software comes in a free trial version and the paid upgrade costs just $9.99 US



17 – Rylstim Screen Recorder

The Rylstim Screen Recorder is a light software for the Windows operating system.
Let’s have a look at it’s features.

  • This software runs on Windows OS and you can record the screen activity and save it as AVI file.
  • You can record video in different frame rates.
  • The software allows use of HOTKEYS to start and end recording screen activity.



18 – CaptureWiz Pro

CaptureWiz Pro from PixelMetrics is an easy to use software for capturing every screen activity and storing it as a video file. Here are some features of this software.

  • Once you install and launch this software you’ll see a floating bar that handles most of the commands for capturing images, video and audio.
  • This software allows use of HOTKEYS to start and end recording.
  • You can even record screensavers, mouse clicks, and scrolls happening on the windows desktop.
  • You can save the recorded video as WMV, AVI or GIF animation.
  • You can set start and end times for recording screen activity.
  • Software gives you a choice to shut down the PC after recording is complete.
  • The software has a built-in feature to Save, Print, Copy, Email or Edit the captured image.
  • You can save images in a sequence of GIF, JPG, PNG or BMP formats.
  • This tools runs on all version of Windows OS.
  • A free trial download is available that will run for 30 days. After 30 days the paid version costs $39.95 US.



19 – ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is a free screen recording software with an option to upgrade to a paid one for additional featurs. Let’s have a look at the features of the free version.

  • Record computer screen activity with an ability to record narration using a microphone.
  • Allows HOTKEYS to capture screenshots
  • Free version does not have any time limit of recordings.
  • Free version DOES NOT generate an kind of watermark on recordings.
  • Built-in editor allows you to cut, crop, delete, change volume and split audio and video.
  • You can add zoom and pan effects in the recordings.
  • Export recoded video to video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, WebM, MKV
  • The paid versions come with several other options like Export to HTML slideshow, PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint etc.
  • The paid software upgrade comes in two different version

ActivePresenter Standard costs $199
ActivePresenter Professional costs $299



20 – TipCam

TipCam is a great tool for recording screen activity. Let’s have a look at it’s features.

  • Record screen activity and save it as an AVI file.
  • You can upload your video to developer’s website (UTIPu Inc.) or to youtube directly.
  • This software does not have the popular webcam picture-in-picture feature.
  • This software does not a built-in video editor. You can choose to export the recorded video as FLV or AVI for post editing in a separate software.
  • Works on Windows PC



21 – Elecard ScreenTwin

ScreenTwin is a lightweight recording software for screen activity. Here are some of it’s features.

  • Unlike most tools mentioned so far when you launch ScreenTwin you’ll only see a square icon in the Windows System tray. Double Clicking this icon starts recording screen activity.
  • You can set a region of the screen (in pixels) to record or record full screen.
  • This software even records audio from the attached microphone.
  • This software does not come with a built-in video editor. You’ll need a separate software to edit or cut your recordings.
  • Simultaneous webcam recording for picture-in-picture style is not available in this tool.
  • Unlike most other tools mentioned on this list ScreenTwin can broadcast the recorded video on a network
  • The recordings are automatically saved in the output folder in MPEG format.



22 – JScreen Recorder

JScren recorder is a handy software for capturing screen activity on Windows PC and saving it as a separate file. Let’s have a look at it’s features.

  • Define a region on the screen to capture.
  • You can set frames per seconds of the video that is being recorded.
  • Assign a destination folder for the saved video
  • Save the recording as MP4 video.
  • Before you start recording the video it is recommend that you play with it’s settings and try some sample shoots of the screen activity.
  • This software is free to use.



23 – Action

If you are a gamer and want to show your friends your gaming action in a recording format then Action is a great tool. You can also use this software to create multimedia presentations and video tutorials with microphone narrations. Here are some features of Action.

  • Set a recording region to capture screen activity.
  • Record gaming action in real time with all possible sound sources.
  • Export your recordings on social media like facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • Recordings are saved in AVI and MP4 format.
  • This software comes built in with a media player for running recorded videos in AVI and MP4 format.
  • This tool allows you to set HOTKEYS to start, end or pause recordings using keyboard shortcuts.
  • You can also capture screenshots in popular image formats like BMP, JPG, PNG
  • This tool has a free trial version. The free version works for 30 days and the recorded videos will have a watermark. For the paid upgrades you can select for home use which costs $29.95 US or for commercial use which costs $49.95 US


Important tip >> If you plan to create video tutorials or sell them or upload them on youtube with Adsense ads being displayed, then you’ll need a commercial license of this software.


24 – Shoot Your Screen

Shoot your screen is a very basic screen capture software as compared to all others mentioned on this list. Here are some features.

  • After launching the software you are presented a small preview window showing what portion of your screen will be recorded.
  • You can start, end and pause video recording with mouse clicks.
  • Unfortunately you cannot edit video after recording is done.
  • You cannot set screen region to be recorded.
  • Recordings can be exported to FLV, MPG or WMV video formats.
  • The software allows you to record audio from the attached microphone.


25 – Screen Recorder

Screen recorder is a free open source software that runs on Windows OS. Written in C# and C++ this is a very easy to use tool for recording screen activity. Here are some features of this software.

  • Record full screen or set a region of your screen for recording.
  • You can set frame rate of recording and define video compressor.
  • Show or hide mouse cursor while recording screen.
  • Set HOTKEYS to easily start and end recording using your keyboard.
  • Save the recorded video to AVI format.
  • The only drawback is you cannot record audio while recording.



26 – Screen Cam XE

Screen Cam XE is a professional screen capturing software for Windows PC. It’s features include

  • Record full screen, active window or a user defined region of the screen
  • Capture and save videos in AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV video formats
  • Define which Codec you want to use.
  • Add your own company logo to recordings
  • Add a drawing tool while recording for easy explanation of the subject to the user.
  • You can zoon in and out the screen while recording.
  • Record system sound as well as sound from microphone.
  • This software comes in free trial version of 30 days or a paid version for $49 US for single PC.


Important tip >> To save money you can buy their other software tools that only record videos to a specific file format like MP4, AVI and WMV. These individual tools cost $39 for a single PC.


27 – oCam

oCam is an easy to use screen recording software with a variety of features. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  • Capture screen activity as well as gaming activity with just one tool.
  • Record system sound as well as narration with a microphone while recording.
  • Output the video recording to AVI, MP4,FLV, MOV, WML, TS, VOB.
  • Audio recording is possible without “Stereomix” for Windows.
  • Capture screenshots of PC and save image files as JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP.
  • Adjust region of the desktop to be recorded easily.
  • Include or remove mouse pointer while recording the screen activity.
  • This software supports dual monitor recording.
  • Frame rate for recording can be adjusted.
  • This tool even supports scheduled recording.
  • You can add a watermark to the video. While adding the watermark you can set it’s location on the video and even it’s opacity in percentage.
  • The software is free to use.



28 – WX Video Tutorial Maker

The WX Video Tutorial Maker is a lightweight software for capturing screen activity on a Windows PC. Here are some features.

  • Once you launch this software you see a transparent window appear on the monitor which is the recording area. Like most other tools mentioned here, you cannot adjust the recording area in this software.
  • You can choose to include sound from microphone, system sound or both while recording.
  • You can capture images from a webcam if it is connected.
  • If you chose to capture webcam feed.
  • As compared to other recording tools this is a very different one with unique Graphical user interface but with limited capabilities.



29 – IceCream Screen Recorder

The IceCream Screen Recorder is an excellent free tool to capture either videos or just screenshots on a Windows PC. Let’s have a closer look at it’s features.

  • Recording screen activity with this software is easy and you can adjust screen region to record from the settings.
  • Capture video or take screenshots easily.
  • Set HOTKEYS to start, end, and pause recording
  • Captured screenshots can be uploaded to remote server for sharing online or with your friends on the social media right from inside the software.
  • The software comes built-in with a drawing tool for better explaining what’s happening on the screen while recording.
  • Record audio from microphone for narrations or record system sound.
  • Record real time gaming activity easily.
  • All video recordings are saved as MKV files and all image screenshots are saved in PNG format.
  • This software is free to use.


30 – Bandicam

Bandicam is windows based software to create screen recordings and video tutorials. Some of it’s features are as follows

  • Capture gaming activity as well as screen activity in real time.
  • Take screenshots and save image files in BMP, PNG and JPG formats.
  • Save video recording as AVI and MP4
  • Adjust frame rate while recording.
  • You can directly upload the recorded video on Youtube without having to do any type of processing or converting.
  • This tool allows you to record 4K Ultra HD video.
  • The software comes in a free and paid version. The free version can record only 10 minutes of video and also includes a watermark on the recordings. The paid version costs $39 US for a single PC.



31 – VeoCat Screen Recorder

VeoCat is an easy to screen recorder for the Windows PC. Here is a list of it’s features.

  • Record full screen or a region of the screen of your Windows PC.
  • Record audio narrations while recording the movie.
  • Set frames per second for the video which will be recorded.
  • Set HOTKEYS for various operations like start, end and pause recording.
  • After the screen recording is finished the video will start playing in a built in video player. You can export this video in WMV format to a desired location on your Windows PC.
  • The software comes as a free tool as well as a paid upgrade. The recordings produced using the free version will have a watermark on the videos. The paid upgrade costs $49 US.


32 – Soft4boost Screen Recorder

Soft4boost Screen Recorder is a Windows based software for capturing screen activity to a video file or take snapshots as image files. Here are some features of this tool.

  • Record either full screen or define a region on the screen to record.
  • capture screen activity and even capture live streaming video from the web.
  • The recorded video will be saved as WMV, FLV or AVI. The screenshot images will be saved in PNG, JPEG and BMP format
  • Change skins as per your liking. 11 built in skins are available.
  • Take snapshots from games in real time and save them as image files.
  • The software comes built-in with a drawing tool to draw shapes like circle, lines, rectangles, fill colors
  • User interface supports 9 languages. (English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Danish and Turkish).
  • This software comes in two different versions, free and paid.
  • The paid version has two types of subscriptions available. The first is a 1 year subscription for $24.95 US and second one is a lifetime offer for $39.95 With these you can download and install several of their application from their website.
  • One interesting thing about this company is that you can get their paid subscriptions for free if you can any of the tasks mentioned on their register page.



33 – Ease Screen Recorder

As the name suggests the Ease Screen Recorder, is an extremely easy to use software for recording screen activity on a Windows PC. Let’s have a closer look at it’s features.

  • Save the screen activity in a video file with MP4, FLV, SWF and WMV format.
  • You can record audio while recording screen action.
  • Not just screen you can even record active windows, a region of the screen also.
  • The video file is automatically created after you stop recording.
  • You can even record streaming video from the web like Youtube.
  • This software has a built in feature to download videos from youtube, Metacafe, Fox, Veoh, MySpace and many more.
  • You can set frame rate for recording videos.



34 – AireCam

Airecam is a lightweight screen capture software for capturing screen activity on a Windows desktop. Here are some of it’s features.

* When you launch this software you’ll see a window appear on the desktop with menus. You can adjust the size of the window like a tool bar so that desktop area is saved.

  • You can record system as well as microphone sound while recording screen activity.
  • The software allows you to decide the resolution of the video you’ll be recording. Some possible values could be 640 x 360, 1280 x 720, 640 x 480, 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768.
  • This tool allows you to define how much area on the screen you want to record to a video file.
  • The “Settings” function allows you to do several things like set frame rate, video codec and audio device to use, output path for the recorded video and whether you want to include mouse clicks in your tutorial videos or not.
  • The software runs on all versions of Windows.
  • This software is free to use.



35 – GiliSoft Screen Recorder

GiliSoft Screen Recorder is a powerful tool with a multitude of features built into it.

  • You can record full screen active windows, a region of screen or from connected webcam on a Windows PC.
  • Record audio from microphone as narrations for creating video tutorials.
  • Add image or text watermarks in videos. The image watermarks can be in JPG, PNG or GOF format.
  • You can start, end, pause recording or take snapshots using HOTKEYS using your keyboard for easy functioning.
  • Save the recorded video in MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, H264 formats.
  • Take image screenshots in JPG, PNG and BMP formats
  • You can set or remove mouse click effects with sound for grabbing attention on the screen activity while recording tutorials.
  • In the settings TAB you can set video resolution, video output format, frame rate in (FPS) and set output path for saving the recorded video.
  • You can even record a gaming activity in real time.



36 – BSR Screen Recorder

The BSR Screen recorder is a simple software for capturing screen activity to a video file. Here are it’s features.

  • Record any screen activity with full screen, region, active window or even gaming sessions to a video file.
  • Record webcam sessions easily with audio included.
  • Save screen activity to videos in AVI, SWF, WMV or EXE formats.
  • You can zoom the screen during recording for easily explaining things to your students.
  • Apart from video recording you can take snapshots and save them in JPG. PNG and BMP formats.
  • You can even record just the audio of your recording.
  • Supports picture-in-picture feature if webcam is connected.
  • Record audio from system sound, microphone, or CD.
  • One cool feature si you can type subtitles during recording with your keyboard so that your students can get a better grasp of what’s happening.
  • This tool even has a built-in drawing tool for easy explanation of things happening in the video tutorial.
  • This software allows you to set a different mouse cursors than the default one.
  • Allows you to export selected frames of the videos as images for easy thumbnail creation.
  • This software has a trial version and two paid upgrades $49.95 US and $89.95 US
  • The trial version of the software embeds a watermark on the recorded videos.



37 – Camtica

Camtica is a Windows based screen recording software for creating professional quality video tutorials and presentations. Here are some of it’s features.

  • With this software you can record full screen, region, region around the mouse cursor, webcam and active windows.
  • This tool allows simultaneous recording of on screen activity as well as webcam feed. You can set the location of the webcam preview window on the screen.
  • You can record gaming activity, Skype video calls, streaming flash movies etc.
  • Add hotspot to the mouse cursor for grabbing attention while presentation. You can even change the color of the mouse hotspot.
  • HOTKEYS are available to start, end or pause the recording using keyboard shortcuts.
  • This software even allows you to set frame rate in FPS for recorded videos.
  • Thos software is available as a free trial download and a paid upgrade. With the free version you can only record videos up to 1 minute length. The paid upgrade costs $17.99 US.


38 – ScreenCorder

If you are looking for a full featured screen recording and editing software then this could be an option for you. Let’s have a look at it’s features.

  • Record full screen or a region of the screen by defining the required area.
  • One cool features of this software is that it has a on-the-fly editor to add text notes, add narrations using the connected microphone, add speech bubble without closing the preview window.
  • You can even alter the audio track between the presentations if you are not happy with what you have recorded.
  • The video editor is a full features tool which includes adding speech bubbles, comments, arrows by dragging them from a template library.
  • This software even allows the webcam feed picture-in-picture features for adding a personal touch to your video tutorials.
  • The recorded video can be exported into WMV, SWF, FLV and AVI formats.
  • This software comes in two versions, the free demo and a paid upgrade. Since this software has a built-in video editor it costs much more than the rest of the tools mentioned on this list. The paid upgrade for a single PC is $249. The free demo version displays a demo notice on the recorded videos.



39 – FastStone

Faststone is a handy tool for recording screen activity and taking screenshots of the windows desktop. Here are some amazing features of this tool.

  • You can record anything on the screen like windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular region, fixed regions and even freehand regions.
  • You can record audio from the connected microphone for adding narrations to your video recordings.
  • One cool thing is that you can choose several things to do with your recording like send it to a file, printer, email, MS Word, MS Powerpoint and even to a FTP server.
  • This software supports global HOTKEYS for starting and ending several recording actions.
  • The recordings can be saved to a WMV video file.
  • The built-in editor allows you to add text comments, arrows, shapes and their shadow effects, frames and much more.
  • Take screenshots in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, PNG, TGA, TIFF and PDF formats
  • The software comes in two versions the free trial version and a paid upgrade. The free trial version works for 30 days and after that you must upgrade to a paid version which costs $19.95 US.


40 – SnowFox Screen Recorder

The SnowFox Screen Recorder is a screen recording tool for windows PC. Here are some features of this software.

  • Record full screen active window or selected screen region of your desktop.
  • The recorded video can be saved in WF, AVI, WMV, MP4, or MPG, FLV video formats.
  • You can record system sound, microphone narrations and even sound from a streaming video from the web.
  • You can download a free trial version of this software or buy a paid upgrade with full features for $29 US for single PC.



41 – CamVerce

Camverce is a complete solution for creating professional quality video tutorials, seminars, presentations with narrations and sound effects. Here are some of it’s features.

  • Camverce has 5 built-in applications that handle all the tasks needed to produce amazing quality video tutorials for your visitors and students. It has Launcher, Recorder, Studio, Converter and Player built into it to finally make awesome presentations.
  • You can record full screen, a window or pre-defined region of your windows desktop.
  • The built-in editor allows you to quickly edit the videos once they have been record so that you get exactly what you wanted to record or explain.
  • You can convert the recorded video into EMX, EXE, SWF, AVI, ASF, WMV, MOV, RM, HTML, DOC and PPT formats.
  • The Studio feature comes with drawing tools such as Line, Arrows, rectangles, circles, callouts, logo images etc. You can use the editor to fill in interactive elements in your video tutorials so that you get a professional product out.
  • Camverce comes in two different versions, a free evaluation version which lasts for 30 days and a paid upgrade which costs $99 for single PC. With the built-in features, the price of this software is much less.



42 – VSDC Free Screen Recorder

The VSDC Free Screen Recorder is a handy little software created for taking screenshots in image format or record screen activity in video formats and works on Windows. Here are some of it’s features.

  • Record full screen activity or a region of it.
  • Record system audio or audio coming from the attached microphone for adding narrations.
  • One cool feature is that it has a drawing tool that you can use on the fly while recording on screen activity along with narrations. This makes it very easy to explain the student what you are really trying to teach.
  • It also has a built in feature to highlight the mouse cursor to grab attention.
  • The recording is saved as an MPEG video file.
  • The software allows you to set HOTKEYS to start, pause or end recording using keyboard shortcuts.
  • With all these amazing features the software is 100% free to use.



43 – Fast Desktop Recorder

The Fast Desktop Recorder is a lightweight Windows based software for recording screen activity and saving it to a video file. Let’s have a closer look at it’s features.

  • Record a region of the screen or full screen and save the video to an AVI file.
  • You can decide the quality of video output by choosing frame rate in FPS, the video codec etc.
  • One drawback is that you cannot record audio while recording screen activity.
  • This software is 100% free to use


44 – ZD Soft Screen Recorder

The ZD Soft Screen Recorder has a long list of features, let’s have a look at them.

  • Full or partial screen recording on a Windows PC.
  • Allows recording screen activity from multiple monitors.
  • Allows you to se mouse cursor effects for grabbing attention of the viewer.
  • The built-in tool allows you to insert text boxes, logo images in the recordings.
  • You can embed webcam feed in the video recordings
  • Supports Direct 3D 8/9/10/11, OpenGL for recording real-time gaming activity.
  • You can even embed webcam overlay while playing games.
  • Allows recording system as well as microphone sound.
  • Mute/unmute sound on the fly while recording the tutorials.
  • Take image screenshots and save them as JPG, PNG and BMP formats.
  • Save recordings to AVI, WMV video formats.
  • You can download a free trial version of this software which will run for 30 days and the recordings will have a watermark. The paid upgrade will cost $39 for a single PC.


45 – Snapz Pro X

Snapz Pro X is preferred screen capture software only for Mac users. Work on Mac OS X 10.7.4 or greater to be precise. Some of the amazing features of this are as follows

  • Snapz Pro X has been upgraded to support Retins Display of the latest Apple products.
  • You can save screenshots in several image formats like .bmp, .pict, .gif, .jpg, .png, .tiff, .pdf
  • Save the recorded video as a QuickTime® movie.
  • This software comes built in with range of amazing features to add cool finishing touches to your videos like scaling, shadow effects, color set ups, dithering, generate automatic thumbnails, add watermarks and copyright notices etc.
  • You can start using the trial version and if you like it you can buy it later. The trial period is 15 days and upgradation price is $69.



46 – ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is similar to Camtasia but is based on Mac and a full featured screen capturing software. If you are a Mac guy (or gal) then this is the best choice and it’s quite affordable as compared to camtasia.

Screenflow sells for $99 and you can download a free trial for unlimited time. The only thing is captured movies will have a watermark.

Here are some features of the paid version

  • Add captions to recording
  • Use cursor effe3cts while recording so that viewer gets the best possible attention.
  • Professionally edit captured videos.
  • Zoom and pan effects while recording screen activity
  • Publish to Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive and more platforms.


47 – CamStudio

Most people consider CamStudio a direct FREE alternative to Camtasia because of it’s vast features as compared to Jing. With Camstudio you can

  • Create screen captures of unlimited length
  • Can save captured recording to AVI video file format.
  • Can add screen captions.
  • Capture video from webcam.
  • Capture full screen or region of screen

Most people who want to start video marketing opt for Camstudio because it’s 100% free for personal as well as commercial use.

48 – Screencast-O-Matic

After CamStudio, Screencast-O-Matic is the most preferred choice for most marketers for creating screen capture presentations and video tutorials because of it’s ease of use and vast built in features.

This is a WEB BASED service and also a downloadable software like the ones mentioned above. Your PC must have JAVA enabled to start recording using the web based version.

For web based service there are two options available for you to start with, the free and the paid version. The paid version costs $15 per year. The software runs on both PC and Mac.

With the free version you can

  • Record only 15 min long videos and upload them to
  • Record videos in MP4, AVI, FLV format
  • Publish to Youtube
  • Record screen and webcam.

With the pro (paid) version you can

  • Do all of the above feature in free version and
  • Recording will not have watermark when publishing
  • Password protect your uploads
  • Edit video recordings
  • Add text captions
  • Include system audio in your video recording
  • Draw and zoon on the screen while recording


49 – Webinaria

Webinaria is a completely free screen capture recording software for creating video tutorials and presentations. Here are some unique features of this

  • Capture screen activity and record in AVI to FLV formats
  • Record voice commentary along with screen activity
  • Record webcam activity too.
  • You can capture full screen or a region of your computer screen
  • Add text captions wherever necessary in the video capture.


50  – ezvid

ezvid is a Free screen capture software with it’s unique features that are different than CamStudio. With ezvid you can

  • Capture screen activity with click of a button
  • Convert text into speech for your video presentation with built-in “Speech Synthesis” feature
  • Directly upload presentation to in 1280X720 resolution.

51 – Acethinker Screen Grabber

This is another great alternative for recording professional quality presentations and video tutorials. You can choose between a variety of video formats such as MP4, MOV, MPEG, GIF, AVI, MOV, WMV, ASF and FLV. This is a desktop recorder available for Windows as well as MAC. Some of the features include

  • Record video and audio simultaneously
  • Make annotations
  • Directly upload on
  • Come built in with a video editor with several options
  • You can draw text, shapes, arrows etc.
  • Full screen recording is possible.
  • Task scheduling feature allows you to record a live webinar that is going to happen in future. This comes as a trial version as well as the paid version which costs $29.95



For Capturing Only Images of your screen

1] Easy Screen Capture –
2] SPX Instant Screen Capture –
3] Any Capture –
4] FullShot –

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50 Screen Capture Software Alternatives For Techsmith(R) Camtasia(R)

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